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Dialectic 2

Internal Contradictions

Via DownWithTyranny, who points out the internal contradictions of Teabaggery, which amount to this: Teabaggers want the world fixed, but don’t want anyone actually to take action to fix it.

It is Magickal Thinking.

It’s their Catch 22, the Best Catch There Is.



  1. Cargosquid

    June 21, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Actually, the Tea Party wants the government to actually, you know, do what it is supposed to do.  We don’t want the world “fixed”.   We want the federal government to do those things that are allowed and authorized by the Constitution.  Everything else can be done by private citizens or the states.
    As to the term Tea Bagger,  your use of it isn’t funny.  Then again, if we’re the “teabagger” than….that would make our opponents the “tea baggee”, wouldn’t it?
    Ok, then.

  2. Frank

    June 21, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    It’s not 1789 any more.


    The Constitution is a living document, not immutable words engraved in stone.

    Because the Constitution has been a living document, a document which also partakes of case law, precedent, and legislation, the United States has managed to move from being the Noble Experiment to being the oldest democratic republic in history.

    The time is long gone when someone can pick up stakes, more over the next ridge, establish a  homestead, and live a life of cantankerous independence without regard for his neighbors.

    Tea partiers seem to think that that time is still with us.

    I notice that folks who call themselves members of the tea party swear allegiance to the Constitution as long as it is convenient to their agenda, whatever that may be.

    Otherwise, otherwise

    (I must say, most sadly, that, based on their own words, I suspect the agenda of many is that a black guy shouldn’t be president, but that’s another issue.)

    Attempts to have it both ways reveal the bankruptcy of the theory.