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Residence Named after Classic Unix/Linux Text Editor 2

From the San Jose Mercury-News:

Finally, the big moment arrived. Following a toast from executive director Steve Brudnick, the company’s president appeared on a big screen TV, and launched into a speech long enough to test the fortitude of even the most vibrant, vigorous, vital and, in some cases, virile residents. Now and forevermore, he said, their home would be called Vi at Palo Alto.


If you want to stay there, read this first.

Vi is a powerful editor; I sort of know how to use it a little to do basic editing of text files.

Vi illustrates what a buddy of mine once said:

If the maker says the software is easy to use, it won’t do what you want it to do.

If the maker says the software will do what you want it to do, it will be difficult to use.

If the maker says the software will do what you want it to do and is easy to use, he’s lying.

If getting service at this firetrap is like using Vi, I’m staying somewhere else.



  1. Glomarization

    June 14, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    I used vi so much in the early and mid 1990s that I still have a habit of typing (or wanting to type) :wq when I come to a stopping point when I write, even in a word processor or an online text box. Sometimes I’ll find random :wq marks in some documents when I proofread them after drafting.
    Or I’ll find an extraneous i at the beginning of a paragraph. Or, while I’m composing something, I’ll want to delete a few words by typing [esc]-3dw, which is, of course, faster than selecting it with the mouse and hitting the backspace or delete button.

  2. Frank

    June 14, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Vi does have a certain geek appeal that cannot be denied.  I would like to know it better, but so far Kate and Gedit are doing okay for me.

    By the way, I miss my Tuesday evenings.  Wish everyone well.