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Spill Here, Spill Now, Coming Attractions 0

Michael Klare, writing in the Asia Times, points out that one of the contributors to BP’s wild well was searching for oil in more difficult–they say “extreme”–locations. He goes so far as to call it an “inevitable result,” which I find rather a stretch.

It was certainly an inevitable result when drilling in an extreme location is compounded by cutting corners on safety, failing to install back-up equipment, and ignoring warnings.

When recklessness mates with incompetence, inevitability is the offspring.

To illustrate his points, the writer posits four hypothetical locations for the next failure; they are not science fiction, though they read like it. Follow the link for the very detailed explanation:

  • Newfoundland – Hibernia Platform Destroyed by Iceberg
  • Nigeria – America’s Oil Quagmire
  • Brazil – Cyclone Hits “Pre-Salt” Oil Rigs
  • East China Sea – A Clash Over Subsea Gas

Aside: Field had a post about the situation in Nigeria a couple of days ago.


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