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Remember Billy Graham?

Agree or disagree with his theology, he was and is the real deal, a sincere guy who did not use his talents to get rich (though he did okay in an upper middle class sort of way) or found a television empire or sell books.

He evangelized. That was what he did.

He also publicly opposed segregation at a time when most Southerners who did feared to do so publicly, one time even bailing Martin Luther King, Jr., out of jail, and he fought South African apartheid.

He screwed up by tying himself too closely to Nixon and later apologized for that.

During his public career, he was not perfect; none of us are. On balance, he has done much more good than bad. That would be a good epitaph for any of us.

Unlike lots of folks who call themselves “evangelists” and especially those who call themselves “televangelists,” he actually tries to live the values he professes. He did and does so imperfectly, as do we all, but he tried.

That’s more than many can say; many profess values and don’t try to live them and neither apologize when they fail, nor learn from their experiences.

It just does not seem right that Billy Graham is in reruns.


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