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It Is an Oily Slope 0

A Jacox Elementary teacher who anointed students with “holy oil” in the classroom has resigned.

School officials say she may have performed inappropriate religious practices during her three years with the division.

Clearly, this conduct was over the line. It is not the place of state employees–and public school teachers are state employees–to be performing religious rites while on the job.

It also sounds seriously creepy.

When I attended Catholic Church, which I did for 18 years of marriage to a Catholic, I felt a little odd getting anointed with oil on the one or two high holy days in which Catholics do that, but I was there through my choice, so it was quite okay. When in Rome and all that . . . .

It’s the second or third incident of teachers’ inflicting their religious practices on students to hit the news in the year or so since I started frequenting these part.

Long story at the link.


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