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No, It’s Not Blackspot 0

On the deck, which faces south, I have two potted roses. Last night, when the sun was well around to the west and the deck was covered by shade, I glanced out to see that some of the leaves on the roses were glinting gold.

I managed to snap a picture. Five minute later, the glints were gone.

My best guess is that the rays from the setting sun were bouncing off a window across the street and hitting the roses. Here’s a picture followed by a close up.

Roses Glinting in Reflected Light

Roses Glinting in Reflected Light Detail

Full Disclosure: Because these were taken in evening light, I did tinker with the brightness, contrast, anti-aliasing (no, I don’t know what it is other than a menu choice either), and color balance in the GIMP to try to bring out the glints. The golden glints were not as pronounced in the photo as they were to the eye.


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