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Breaking: Fishermen Fib 0

And it can mean big money in tournaments:

When hundreds of thousands – sometimes millions – of dollars are on the line, nobody wants to hear the adage about how fishermen tell lies.

So tournament directors across the country use polygraphs to keep things on the up and up.

Yep – lie detector tests for fishermen.

The story contains this gem, down towards the end:

T.V. O’Malley, the polygraph expert who administered the Big Rock tests, agrees.

“The people who fish in most of these things own million-dollar boats and pay thousands of dollars to compete,” said O’Malley, who has performed polygraphs at fishing tournaments all over the world. “They are professional people who have to worry about their reputations. There is a lot of honor in this sport. They want the pride and bragging rights.

This quotation is supported by the sidebar detailing fishy frauds over the years.


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