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Is “fewer governments” the same as “less government”:

City leaders have been using the “D” word (disincorporation–ed.) for a few weeks now as they try to persuade voters to pass Measure K, a one-cent sales tax increase that would help the city balance its budget with an extra infusion of $1.4 million per year for the next seven years.

Dissolving Half Moon Bay — handing the city’s budget, operations and services to San Mateo County — would be an absolute last resort, but the city may not have many other options left, City Councilman John Muller said.

I’ve never been to Half Moon Bay, though I have been to Santa Cruz, just down the coast from it (CA-17 is one scary road, especially in a rental car at dusk after a five-hour flight).

Nevertheless, I suspect Half Moon Bay needs more in the way services than do the mountain ranges that make up most of San Mateo County.

This is another result of taxpayers wanting to want without wanting to pay.

The days when you could go over the next ridge, build a cabin, and hitch up Old Dobbin to the plough, and be self-sufficient are long gone.


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