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True Colors 0

Bob Cesca (follow the link for context):

But this is the modern Republican Party. All about race. It’s the party of Palin, Bachmann, Steve King, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich — a party where substance is irrelevant and fire-eating wedge politics are everything.

The only thing extreme about this is the language.

Let us look at it critically. Suppose he had said

    The most prominent spokespersons for the Republican Party emphasize cultural differences with a view toward garnering support from those who trace their lineage to a western European heritage.

Is that better?

It’s the same damn thing.

I’m a Southern Boy.

I know the damned code.

It is the odious Southern strategy.

It’s all they have.

(Of course, it’s not all about race. Race is a stalking horse, just as race was a stalking horse for the monied classes of the Old South to justify slavery and secession.)


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