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Specifically, the (Virgina) state attorney general’s office alleges that the Cedarwood Condominium Association discriminates against families with children.

It says the association does this by fining them $50 for repeated violations of an association rule against throwing or hitting balls in the common areas, while no residents without children have received complaints or fines, according to the suit filed in Chesapeake earlier this month.

The association has fined three of the neighborhood’s six families with children – out of 82 housing units – for their children playing football, the suit alleges. It also alleges that children playing outside have been harassed, according to the family that brought the complaint, but doesn’t say by whom.

If you live in a condo, pretty much everything outside your door is “common area,” unless you happen to have, say, an small enclosed patio or yard area, as I did when I lived in Fairlington 30 years ago. In other words, children are forbidden to play ball outside. Playing ball inside is not generally recommended.

The local rag’s resident curmudgeon delivers her opinion here. For once, I pretty much agree with her (she bats about .500 on the “agreeing with Frank” scale).

Fortunately, the condo board where I live is pretty laid back. I made a point of complimenting the new chairman on this when I had to call him yesterday. He thanked me and told me that the board was determined not to be like the one just down the road to the right, which the residents refer to as the “clipboard nazis.”


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