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Sex Education 0

If you don’t talk about sex, it doesn’t exist.

(No, I don’t find it any easier to discuss with my kids than anyone else does–thank God my ex was a nurse who could deal with the Talk, and she dealt with it very well).

When I was a young ‘un, there was no such thing as sex education, at least not in the schools and in most cases not in the homes.

In rural mostly-Protestant Jim Crow Virginia, where I grew up, abstinence-only was assumed, at least by parents.

Sure, every year, some girls would sort of disappear from the high school, no one would say why.

Sure, every teen-aged boy back then was concerned mostly with how to become Not Abstinent.

Just like every teen-aged boy now and forever.

It seems to me that the only difference between then and now is that the teen-aged girls are a little more honest about wanting to be Not Abstinent.

Sure, knowledge is the best weapon against stupidity and against girls disappearing (or, more likely these days, ballooning) every year in high school.

Sure, our governor lives in a fantasy world where hormones don’t moan and ignorance promotes virtue.

The motto seems to be, “Let them learn about sex in the back alleys and the locker rooms, just like your parents did.”



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