From Pine View Farm


John Thorn:

Finally, for all of us but a lucky few, the dream of playing big-time baseball is relinquished so we can get on with grown-up things.

It was eight-and-a-half innings of ugly ball, but the good guys won.

Wearing a Phillies cap in this part of the world does attract attention.

Yesterday, we went to one of the best cheap restaurants around for lunch–we both had a yearning for the fried chicken livers with hush puppies.

The host saw my cap and said, “I’m sorry. We don’t serve your kind here.”

I asked, “Who do you root for? The New York Mutts?”

“No,” he said. “The Braves.”

“I’m sorry.”

As we left, he said, “They told me that I had to seat you.”

To be fair, I must say that he was smiling the entire time.


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