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The Phony War on Christmas 0

Todd was complaining in his podcast that Christmas decorations have started to appear in stores in Honolulu and All Hallows’ Eve has not yet passed.

Which sets the stage for Adam Felber’s rant against the phony war on Christmas war. A nugget:

But ultimately… who cares about this? Why are you even reading this far? The truth is that there’s a big lie that you have to believe in order to swallow this “War on Christmas” malarkey, and that’s the idea that the phrases “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” were not always part of our cultural (and advertising) lexicon, but were in fact invented in a stem cell lab by George Soros in 2002.

My memory says otherwise. And my experience says that the only honest reason for anyone to wish anyone a happy or merry holiday or Christmas is because they are wishing someone some small measure of happiness or merriness. Those wishes are something that you are giving away, and as such they are the only holiday wishes that you have any right to control. Any further grumbling isn’t protecting your holiday – it’s just helping ad rates on Fox News while choosing a “righteous” way to nurture a hot little flame of anger and resentment in your heart that might otherwise be extinguished by genuine “Christmas spirit.”

Read the whole thing and get some chuckles along with some truth.


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