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Bowled Over, Market Saturation Dept. 0

I just looked at the college football “Bowl Guide” in the local rag.

Of the 35 bowl games listed, I’ve heard of 12, and several of those are under new names this year, like the perennially rebranded Peach Chick-Fil-A Bowl. (My friend was telling me just this noon that she had a bowl of Chick-Fil-A once and never again.)

Aside: Somehow, “Humanitarian” seems to be an inappropriate name for anything as concussive as football.

I’ve noticed that, when an outfit starts talking about “markets” and “branding,” bullshit goes up and value goes down.

In the immortal words of Yoghurt: “It’s merchandising.”

Another reason I’m losing interest in college football.

Meanwhile, Derrick Jackson covers another bowl, one which gets little coverage:

This year, 53 of the 70 teams, a record 76 percent, scored either a “Touchdown’’ or “First Down’’ in the (Graduation) Gap Bowl. That progress is led by the continued excellence of such schools as Boston College, which tied for the third-best African-American player graduation rate behind Notre Dame and Northwestern at 86 percent. Connecticut was 11th on that list at 74 percent.


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