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Cavalcade of Horribles 0

MarketWatch rounds up the 15 most hated companies in the US.

A couple of the ones on the list are companies that I loathe because of having personally experienced consistent lousiness from them (Best Buy and United Air are in that category–I have told my Best Buy story elsewhere in these pages).

BP, Bank of America, and some others made the list for general overall evilness.

A few, such as GM and Dell, are there for past sins. Dell, with which I have had uniformly positive dealings with (I have three Dells right now and have owned at least seven over the years) made the list because of covering up a defective laptop part in the early 2000s.

And, though I grew up Ford (young whippersnappers will have no idea what that means) and it pains me to say thia, my little yellow GMC truck is one damned fine vehicle.


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