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Remembrance of Things Past (Updated) 0

Haley Barbour may not remember Jim Crow, but Mike Littwin of the Denver Post does.

If you weren’t there or have that new ailment, “amnesia Barbour barbarica, read his reminiscence. A memory from 1962:

My father, who had worked at the local newspaper (in Newport News, Virginia, just across the James–ed.), put me in touch with an editorial writer there who showed me, in the pre-Google days, how to use microfilm. When I finished, a woman was there in his office. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I was researching a debate on integration.

When she asked which side I was taking, I said, innocently, “I’m pro-integration.”

“How would your mother like it,” she said, and I find it stunning even today, “if you brought home a little colored girl?”


Oppression is seldom oppressive to the oppressor.


Shaun Mullen considers those who still don the gray and take to the barricades, though they do it today with pen, not with bayonet. A nugget:

Although this comparison is not perfect, it works well enough: The Germans have fessed up to their history, the Japanese have denied it, while the Lost Causers have simply rewritten it. That must not be forgotten as we slouch through 2011 and the inevitable ceremonies and controversies in which a perversion of the most tragic conflict in American history is yet again rubbed in our faces.

Read the whole thing.


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