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Five Loaves 0

Five Loaves

From the top left, clockwise: Plain, honey, garlic, olive, Italian cheese (asagio, romano, parmesan).

I started with this recipe and quickly left it behind.

I filled a large mixing bowl slightly more than half full of warm water and proofed the yeast.

I mixed in half a handful of light brown sugar, some salt, and an egg, then added flour (about 50-50 unbleached and whole wheat) until the mixture would absorb no more. Once you bake your first successful loaf of bread, you can feel when the dough is ready.

After the first rise, I separated the dough into five parts and kneaded in the stuff listed above–grated cheese, that minced garlic stuff that comes in a jar since I didn’t have any fresh garlic, chopped olives, and honey. I formed each part into a loaf and let them rise again.

The taste tests have so far been successful. The cheese loaf nearly did not survive last night’s supper.

No, I didn’t measure anything. Measuring is for the first time you make something.

For the olive, garlic, and honey loaves, I had to add some more flour as I kneaded the loaves to counteract the additional moisture from the added ingredients.


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