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Tie Breaker, WorSecDef 0

Shaun Mullen wonders who was the worst Secretary of Defense (or Secretary of War, to use the original name of the office) in U. S. history.

He narrows it down to two persons,

  • Donald Rumsfeld, who’s currently making the round the talk shows flogging his new book, a tua culpa, or
  • Robert McNamara.

You can follow his reasoning at the link. Here’s the tie breaker:

Like Rumsfeld, McNamara was a control freak who thought he had all the answers, lacked the crucial element of common sense and surrounded himself with sycophantic acolytes. Like Rumsfeld, he presided over an unpopular war built on a foundation of false assumptions and outright lies. Like Rumseld, there was an amorality to his actions. And like Rumsfeld, he squandered the respect of his generals and admirals.

But without McNamara, there still would have been a Vietnam War, while there would not have been an Iraq war without Rumsfeld.


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