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Keep No Fly Closed 0

Simon Jenkins comments of the pressure to intervene in Libya.

It’s a lot of macho posturing by politicians and commentators who want to be macho by remote control. They will not be in harm’s way and will watch their strategies unravel from the safety of their television rooms. It’s not like they got anything right about Afghanistan and Iraq. Or Viet Nam in 1954. Or Nicaragua in 1909. Or Guatamala in 1954. Or Iran in 1953. . . .

Here’s a nugget. I think the part I’ve emphasized catches the nut of the matter:

Happy days are back for the sofa strategists and beltway bombardiers. After the miseries of Iraq and Afghanistan, a Libyan no-fly zone is just the tonic they need. If you zero in from carrier A, you can take out the Tripoli air defences while carrier B zaps the mercenary bases and carrier C zooms with special forces to secure the oilfields. You might tell the Americans to go easy on Leptis Magna after what they did to Babylon. Otherwise, let rip. You can sense the potency surging through Downing Street’s veins. This is how wars begin, and beginning wars is politically sexy.

Read the whole thing. I find his arguments persuasive.


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