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All That Was Old Is New Again 1

Slightly over a year ago, Dennis G. at Balloon Juice wrote a long post on theft of labor as a tactic of the rich and powerful to get more rich and powerful. Here’s a bit (I would recommend the whole thing–it explains the purpose of Reagonics):

The Confederacy really wasn’t about slavery. That was just a tactic. The real issue was finding the best way to steal the labor of others.

Before the Emancipation Proclamation and the passage of the 13th Amendment (which Mississippi has still NOT officially ratified) slavery was a State sponsored institution in America and it was the easiest way to steal the labor of others. Protecting the simplicity of that labor stealing system is why the Confederates started the Civil War.

Now Georgia tries to bring back press gangs, dressing them up as “probation officers.”


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