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Facebook Frolics, Creepy Stalker Dept. 0

The ACLU seems to have had enough.

A new web feature by USA Today details the ways that Facebook stalks you around the Internet – even when you’re not logged in. Facebook’s tracking methods – in the guise of the innocent seeming “Like” button – record every web site its 800 million-plus members have visited during the previous 90 days, even if you never click on that button, or don’t have a Facebook account.

We shouldn’t have to choose between browsing the Web and keeping Facebook from tracking everything we do online. That’s why we’ve asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to look into Facebook’s practice of tracking your web activity even if you never click on a Like button or log into Facebook at all, and why we encourage you to tell Congress to take steps to protect our privacy by creating a “Do Not Track” mechanism with legal force. And, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.), chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, has pledged to hold a hearing to investigate these reports.

I seldom visit Facebook and, when I do, I do so in a private browser session; cookies dropped in private session are deleted when that session is ended.

I’ve also set my browser to “delete new cookies” upon exit.

That took a teeny little bit of work.

I set the preferences to the default of retaining cookies. I then deleted all the cookies except for the two or three I wanted and exited the program.

I then restarted the browser and changed the cookie setting to “delete new cookies,” so that the ones I wanted would be retained, since they were no longer “new.”

No Facebook creepy stalker cookies on my computer.


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