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The Phony War on Christmas 0

Looks like Christmas is winning, at least in Colorado.

From 2005 to 2009, the menorah was displayed in December on the back of the Lake House. But the Evergreen Park & Recreation District decided that the symbol cannot be put up this year.

Some members of Evergreen’s Jewish community aren’t ready to end the debate because a large tree, adjacent to the community’s popular hub, remains adorned with Christmas lights.

The colored lights on a tree are not considered by the governing bodies to be religiously affiliated.

Despite all the hoo-ha about the “commercialization of Christmas,” only a fool or a liar can claim with a straight face that Christmas trees aren’t “religiously affiliated.”

When that claim is used to justify disrespect to another religion, it sort of rules out “fool.”

Was it in Matthew or Luke that Jesus said, “Be nasty to your neighbors”?



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