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Voter Fraud Fraud Fraudster 0

The failure of most Republican presidential wanna-bes to qualify for the Virginia Republican primary has been much in the news.

Now some political bigwigs want to retroactively change the rules because, apparently, rules are for other persons. But that’s not where I was headed . . . .

Buried in a long story about a retroactively-change-the-rules trial balloon is this tidbit.

Even as some blame Virginia’s ballot requirements, CNN reported Wednesday that Gingrich told an Iowa voter that his Virginia petition-gathering effort was undermined by a worker who submitted 1,500 false signatures.

If one uses the same reasoning that Republicans applied to ACORN’s occasional submission of invalid voter registration forms (and, remember, ACORN tried to flag forms it suspected of being improper), this means that Newt the Gingrinch is guilty of election fraud and must be destroyed as ACORN was destroyed

But that would require applying a single standard, wouldn’t it? We can’t have that, now, can we?

In Wingnut World, rules are for other persons (I guess that turned out to be where I was headed after all).


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