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The Voter Fraud Fraud Fraudsters Come to Virginia 0

I get mail about Republican attempts to keep out the vote.

The Republicans in the Virginia legislature are preparing to suppress the vote; a snippet from my mail:

The nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice has reported that as many as five million Americans have been disenfranchised by statutes such as HB 9 and SB 1. In a December 9, 2011 commentary in the Richmond Times-Dispatch entitled, “Voter ID laws recall Jim Crow”, Neil Pierce notes a 2006 study by the American Research Corporation that found that 25 percent of African Americans, 18 percent of senior citizens, and 18 percent of young adults (ages 18-24) do not possess photo IDs. Senate Bill 1 and HB 9 would make it much more difficult for young adults, low income people, senior citizens, and people of color to vote.

SB 1 would eliminate voters from using their state issued voter registration card as an approved form of ID used to cast a vote. Both SB 1 and HB 9 would require voters to cast a provisional, not an official ballot if they did not bring an approved ID. Voters would have to later present the appropriate ID in order for their vote to count. Why are lawmakers making it harder to vote?

To echo the writer’s question, why do Republicans fear the electorate?

Learn more here. Sign the petition here.

Poster:  Democrats attempting to vote in 2012 will be arrested

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