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If you’re still not sure why all the fuss about SOPA/PIPA, listen to last week’s episode of the Network Security Podcast (podcast download at the link).

The podcast normally reviews computer security news from the week, concentrating on issues of substance, rather than the gee-whiz scary stories and consultant hackery that makes it into television news and newspapers. Such stories are designed to create FUD leading to consultancy contracts to design defenses that won’t work against threats that don’t exist. (Dick Destiny keeps a close eye on that kind of stuff).

On last week’s NetSec podcast, the panelists chose to concentrate on one issue: SOPA/PIPA and the internet protest of a week ago Wednesday. That spun into a fascinating conversation that explored copyright, piracy and allegations of piracy, and corporate business models and practices for nearly an hour–twice the usual length of the podcast.

If you were unclear on the implications of SOPA/PIPA/ACTA before, you won’t be after loading this up in your podplayer.


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