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State Rape, Exercising DOMinion Dept. 1

Republican Party:  No women present on ladies night

Ronnie Polaneczky considers Pennsylvania’s proposed policy of state rape. A nugget:

The forced test has been likened to rape (why not add candlelight and Barry White, and call it date rape?). But since it’s being pushed in a bill sponsored by a gaggle of anti-choicers, the bill has been cynically dubbed “The Woman’s Right-to-Know Act.”


Indeed, a statement from one of the bill’s co-sponsors, Rep. Thomas Killion, R-Chester, suggests that a social agenda, not a woman’s “right to know,” is precisely what this bill is about. Killion told the Inquirer that he had pulled back support, even though “I’m personally pro-life and I support anything that would discourage abortion.”

In other words, House bill 1077 is not at all about a woman’s “right to know.” It’s about discouraging a woman from exercising a right that others wouldn’t choose to exercise.

It’s all about control.

The Republican Party, the party of doms.


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  1. George

    March 16, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    Finally, the professional medical association in Pennsy has come out strongly condemning it, or as strongly as they can in a statement. That will eventiually kill it, I would think. The majority of even the most nuts and predatory Republicans will not dare to go up against the professional statements of the majority of doctors. It would be eventual political suicide. Which might happen anyway, this year. It’s hard for even really stupid people to ignore how odious the party has become. Obama will win, barring a calamity, and the rest of the Dems will be able to make gains too if they don’t fecklessly blow it.