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Mitt the Flip Snip 0

Scott Herhold recalls getting caught up in bullying a classmate when he was in high school and how, as the years passed, the incident weighed more and more heavily on his mind.

He’s not having any of Mitt the Snip’s professed amnesia over his short-lived career as a barber:

The Republican front-runner has apologized for prep school pranks, but his campaign says he has no memory of the incident involving the gay student, who was kicked out of Cranbrook not long afterward for smoking a cigarette.

From experience, I can guarantee you Romney’s professed lack of memory is a lie (tellingly, the denial came through a campaign spokesman, not from the candidate himself).


If the Flipper is, indeed, not lying, his ability to dismiss the memory of assaulting a fellow student because he didn’t like the student’s looks is disturbing in and of itself.


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