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Wasp (Updated) 0

I think this is some kind of potter’s wasp. It was about half an inch long. It certainly was not a yellow jacket, with which I am far more familiar than I would like to be, or a hornet, ditto, or a mud dauber, which is relatively harmless but which I don’t see much in these parts.

Wasp on portulaca blossom

Addendum, 2012-09-25:

I did a podcast about my process for editing pictures for posting here, using this picture as the example; the podcast went up today.

I received a nice email from an HPR listener in Scotland–HPR has a long reach–suggesting that this is likely a hover fly. Here’s a bit from his email:

Hoverflies ( are smaller, more
delicate and are from the order Diptera
( like many common flies. They have
only one pair of wings and their heads seem to be mainly composed of two
eyes which sort of point forward. That’s why I think it’s a hoverfly,
from the head shape.

I am no etymologist and I suspect that he is correct.

And I thank him. Making mistakes is how I learn.


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