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The United States Olympic Committee has issued a cease and desist order to Olympic Gyro in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market (where we nearly ate last Sunday, by the way, but we went to the Indian place instead).

The restaurant has used that name for three decades (that is, more than seven Olympiads).

A Greek restaurant can’t name itself after the mountain that was home to the Greek gods and has been a symbol of Greece for three millenia (as if someone is likely to confuse a sandwich shop in the corner of a converted railroad terminal with the quadrennial athletic carnival and sideshow).

This is stupid and evil.

I’m done with the Olympics.

They have turned into a marketing scam that makes a NASCAR driver’s suit look like a model of tasteful restraint.

As Harry Shearer says whenever he reports on news of the Olympics:

The Olympics.

It’s a movement.

And everyone needs one, every day.


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