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Noz muses about calls not to “politicize” stuff. A nugget:

. . . in the fall out from the aurora shooting i kept seeing people cautioning that we should not politicize the tragedy. but why not? politics matters, at least if you use the word “politics” to refer to the discussion of policy changes. if something horrible happens and you have an idea that you think might prevent something like that from happening in the future, or that might make similar tragedies a little bit better, why shouldn’t you speak up about it? it makes no sense to tell people it is wrong to do that.


i really can’t think of any time the “politicizing” objection ever comes up other than when some nutball takes advantage of the lax gun laws in the u.s. and blows away a bunch of innocent people. when that happens, then suddenly asking serious questions about the policies that allowed that to happen is a grievous sin against the victims of the tragedy, in the way that practical questions following any other kind of tragedy is not. it’s a crazy double standard, one that manages to shut down real discussion of an issue that certain parties don’t want discussed.

Follow the link to read the snippage. It’s worth the two minutes.

I’ve learned that it’s “politics” when you lose, a “process of negotiation and compromise” when you win.


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