From Pine View Farm

Scene on the Philly Streets 0

Ectoplasm in the hotel elevator*:

A sloop on auxiliary power passes under the Ben Franklin Bridge:

Sloop under Ben Franklin Bridge

Center City looking west from the Race Street pier, with I-95 and the Market-Frankford El in the way:

Philadelphia Center City from Race Street Pier

The western end of Center City from near the Rodin museum:

Center City Philadelpia with Liberty Place and Comcast Building

The USS New Jersey, birthed in Camden, New Jersey:

USS New Jersey

Bainbridge Street bumper:

Bumper Sticker:  I'm only speeding because I really have to poop.


*Actually, the hotel was invaded by “color runners,” a bizarre offshoot of the cult of joggers and jogresses, which believes that having colored dust thrown on them at various checkpoints on 100 degree days is somehow fun and fulfilling.

This is what happens when they lean on the elevator after their arcane ritual.

I quote my old, departed friend and co-worker, Bud Zimmerman:

Did you ever see a smiling jogger?


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