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My old staple gun did not make the move to Virginia Beach. Now, a staple gun is one of those tools that you don’t use often, but, when you need one, nothing else will quite do.

I recently ordered a new staple gun from Publisher’s Clearing House.

Shopping from PCH flyers is like shopping at an outlet mall. “Outlet” on the sign doesn’t promise bargains in the shop. If you know your stuff, you can find good deals; otherwise, otherwise.

I was pleasantly impressed when the staple gun arrived. The tool itself is quite sturdy and solid, is easily powerful enough for home use, and has some features that my old one did not have–definitely good value for the money.

The directions, though, well, can you splet “Giggle Translate.” (I edited the scan to remove the illustrations.)

Click for a larger image.
Staple Gun directions--excerpts:  1.  Handle:  Power towards arrow direction which can make the nails out.  3.  Hook:  the hook is used to fix the handle to make it out of work.  P. S.  2:  Don't using the machine in the face of people . 3:  To avoid accident, please keep the machine away from the children beyond 12s.


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