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Driving while Black 0

Leonard Pitts, Jr., defines “black blindness” as the ability to look at a black person, especially a young male black person, and see something that isn’t there, such as a gun in place of a wallet or a cell phone, or even a gun even in place of nothing whatsoever.

Pitts writes of Jordan Davis, yet another black teenager killed by a white man who intends to claim in his defense that he was just standin’ his ole ground not doin’ nothin’ when he gots afeared for his life (though no evidence of a threat or threatening behavior has been adduced).

A nugget:

The frightening thing, if you are a young African-American man, is that you know nothing makes some folks feel more “threatened” than you. Nor do you threaten by doing. You threaten by being. You threaten by existing. Such is the invidious result of four centuries of propaganda in which every form of malfeasance, bestiality and criminality is blamed on you.

Read the whole thing.


After you read the whole thing, you might share my fear that some of these folks who insist on packing heat do so hoping for an excuse to shoot someone, because they think slinging guns is the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees and they want to be part of cool crowd.


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