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The new version of WordPress seems to have issues.

When I embed a video in a post, test the post, schedule it to post at a future time (you didn’t actually think I sit here all day, did you? Heck, Wednesday I went to Williamsburg for a meeting and my Christmas posts are already lined up), then test the post, the embed works. That is, it displays and plays. Then, when the post posts, the embedded video is gone.

This started when I installed latest WordPress version.

I try to fix it when I notice the void; once the post is published, the embedded videos seem to stick around.

In the mean time, I will include a link to the source of the video in the post. If I feel truly energetic, I might even file a bug report.

Be assured that any video I choose to embed in a post is Deathless Art and Must-See viewing.

If nothing else, it’s got to be better than Honey Boo-Boo or the Six O’Clock News.


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