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Spam Alert, Android Dept. 0

SpamSoldier spreads via text messages, saying recipients have won a $1,000 Target gift card or offering free versions of popular paid games such as “Angry Birds Space,” and on disreputable, third-party app stores, the office said. Once on a phone, it uses the subscriber’s allotment of text messages to reach more targets.

I’ve not seen this one, but from time to time–maybe once a quarter–I get texts telling me I’ve won something or other at Best Buy. Since I loathe Best Buy, they do not interest me.

I follow my carrier’s instructions and forward such messages to their spam-reporting address (7726 or “spam”).

The article goes on to state the obvious–don’t follow links in texts from unknown sources and don’t download programs from third-party app repositories.

In other words, think before you click.


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