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Since he enlisted, First Son has lived in Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia, in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, all places he was sent by him employer and I forget where else.

What, exactly, is his state of residence (emphasis added)? (More at the link.)

Until last year, the Department of Veterans Affairs would cover up to the highest rate charged for in-state students at a public school in that state. But under changes that took effect in August 2011, while veterans can receive up to $17,500 a year for study at private schools, the agency will pay only “the actual net cost for in-State tuition and fees assessed” by the public institution the veteran is attending.

And if that person is deemed a nonresident, the veteran often must pay the difference out of pocket.

This is not right.

Full Disclosure:

This dooesn’t affect First Son. He has a degree.

It’s still not right.


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