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“White Crime” 0

Part of white privilege is that what white folks do is considered the norm.

For example, you can find many articles agonizing over “inner city” (that means “Not White”) crime. How many do you see about “white crime”?

White is “normal,” so crimes by white are unnoticed, unexamined, unremarkable, un-remarked on, ipso facto individual acts that are in no way related to whiteness, even as Not White crimes are considered somehow inherent to being Not White.

In an interview with historian Ann Little, Chauncey Devega cuts through the veil crap to explore the history of white America’s preoccupation with guns.

Follow the link, read the entire post, and listen to the podcast:

As I explored in a series of posts, the central question regarding the Gun Right is how these mass shootings do not lead to any serious exploration of the intersection(s) of Whiteness, White Masculinity, and mass gun violence. White men commit an overwhelming amount of the mass shootings in the United States. Yet, except for a few outliers, there is no sustained effort to engage the obvious puzzle: if white men are killing people, often by the dozens–in murders where they are the offenders at twice their rate in the general population–why are so many in the news media afraid and hostile to basic questions about “white crime?”


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