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A Text-Booked Case 0

Bills supporting tougher texting-while-driving penalties continue to advance in the General Assembly.

Legislation cleared the Senate Courts of Justice Committee on Monday. It would make texting or emailing while operating a vehicle a reckless offense in certain instances, give police more latitude to stop suspected offenders and impose fines of up to $500.

A similar measure is pending in the House of Delegates.

As I was driving home from my brother’s yesterday, I kept half a weather-eye on a driver behind me.

I finally figured out what she was doing.

In her right hand, she held her iJunk and the steering wheel.

In her left hand, she was pecking at the iJunk.

For about five miles.

All this at 55 MPHs.

I was most relieved when she turned right and aimed at someone else.


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