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Book ‘Em, Dano 0

I have a code in de dose.

Looking for something to listen to as I lay on my back too wiped out even to achieve Enlightenment with Slackware (I’m preparing a podcast on E17), I finally visited LibriVox; I had heard of the site, but not visited it.

It is the Project Gutenberg of audio books. (Oh, yes, Gutenberg also has audiobooks. They work with Librivox, among others.)

I listened to part of this last night; it started slow, but then picked up nicely. (I’m a mystery buff. Not suspense. Not adventure. Mystery, which ideally opens with the body on the library floor and closes with the Great Detective explaining the solution in that same library.)

Check out LibriVox. And if you have never visited Project Gutenberg, now is the time.


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