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Climate = Destiny? 2

Kavips has a theory:

. . . I notice that across the red states of the United States, primarily a bastion of fundamentalist conservative theocracy, the weather is changing. Basically, there is no rain…. Secondly I have noticed that the weather in Oklahoma is every year, corresponding more and more like those dry, hot , sandy climes on the other side of our planet, which coincidentally, are also occupied by a bastion of fundamentalist conservative theocracies, practicing something very similar to Oklahoma policy but over there it is called Shara (sic) Law…

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  1. George Smith

    February 27, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Indonesia, biggest Muslim country in world. Southern Cal, which is a desert, went the other way, mostly on demographics growth of non-whites and the Republican hatred of them. I think in Oklahoma (and Texas), they face crises that strike at their core. Global warming is destroying them but their being is wrapped up in unbelief. I was reading “American Theocracy,” a book by an old moderate GOP strategist, written during the Bush years, and one of the central points he made was that the GOP had, during that time, turned into an overwhelmingly religious party, a striking historical development, and a very bad one. As one of many examples, he cited Oklahoma’s continued attempts to get creationism validated and evolution debunked in school biology. And one of the state’s crops was being ravaged by an insect pest that, very quickly, was picking up resistance of insecticides which, one of the local agricultural experts said was evolution, working right before their eyes. But they just keep on their way trying to get evolution banned and creationism taught. This was in the middle of the GWB administration. The GOP has cultivated a tribe that has only authoritarian minds, so with them it’s been a cultivation project, one in which they’ve weeded out any people who accept reality and made themselves pure with those who come unglued and become more extreme when challenged by the outside world.  

  2. Frank

    February 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Richard Nixon’s legacy is the Southern Strategy.