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Driving while Black . . . 0

. . . is prima facie evidence of guilt:

Burrell, 50, (stage name: M. C. Hammer–ed.) a multiplatinum recording artist who scored hits with songs like “U Can’t Touch This” and “Too Legit to Quit,” said on Twitter that an officer approached him in his car, tapped on his window, and asked if he was on parole or probation. A devout Christian who has spoken publicly about his faith on numerous occasions, Burrell has not had any public run-ins with the law.

The cop nevertheless filed some sort of trumped up charge against him which seems to boil down to

When I said “jump,” he didn’t ask “How high?”


Pretty much all I know about M. C. Hammer as a performer, other than that he was one of the early rappers and a phenomenal success, is that he had a cute cartoon show for kids.

A web search tells me that a lot of persons think it was not very good, but First Son enjoyed it a lot. Frankly, it could not possibly have been worse than most of the Hanna-Barbara shows from the late 70s and 80s, which had all the production values of a Graham cracker.


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