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Shed a Tear 0

I did. Several.

Susan can attest to that.

I know this lady. She is a good and caring person and a good Democrat.

Really, nothing more needs to be said.

My mother died of Alzheimer’s.

My ex noticed it years before anyone else (whatever complaints I may have, my ex is a damned good nurse). It was progressing slowly until my father had a heart attack and died a week later.

My father was so wrapped up in caring for my mother that, I am certain, he delayed calling for help so as not to worry or distress her. When he passed, she started to fail more quickly.

This seems be a parallel.

Alzheimer’s is not a nice way to go.

I have watched it.

I know.

Please say a prayer for Mayor Meyera and for her family who supports her.

They must walk into a tunnel that has but one end.


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