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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

A bumper day for the politeness Do Bee, who offers up three lessons.

1. Let no chance for politeness pass you by.

(The) incident started when two 20-year-olds in a vehicle on East Cherokee Drive spotted a black Lexus driving erratically, according to Lt. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. The two females passed the Lexus, prompting that car’s driver to then pursue the women’s car for several miles, Baker said.

“Out of fear, one of the victims called a friend, advised him of the situation and asked if he would meet them on Apple Orchard Lane,” Baker said in an emailed statement.

The driver of the Lexus, later identified as Richard Wilt, 42, of Woodstock, followed the women to the Apple Orchard Lane cul-de-sac, where both vehicles stopped, Baker said. That’s when Wilt allegedly opened fire on the women, firing a round at their vehicle, witnesses told police.

2. Also, politeness is cool in school:

A young student at Soos Creek Elementary in Kent was pulling his jacket out of his backpack Tuesday afternoon when a gun fell out and hit the floor, according to the Kent School District.


Loftis said the student, who he described as a very young child, did not bring the gun to school with the intent to harm anyone; it was just something cool he found at home.

3. Always be polite to the officer when he stops you for running a full stop (this fellow was quite determined to be courteous–follow the link):

Baldwin Park, known for large homes, walking trails and family-friendly special events, became the scene of a violent confrontation Wednesday when a 63-year-old driver punched and shot at a police sergeant who had written him a ticket for running a stop sign, investigators said.



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