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The Care and Feeding of Bonus Babies 0

She’s been much in the news for banning telecommuting at Yahoo.

You remember Yahoo. They mounted a large ad campaign a decade or so ago to convince people to use a brand name to mean “web search.”

And then people did start using a brand name to mean “web search.” They called it “google.”

Now we know how she could manage to build a nursery at her workplace so she can bring her baby to work with her.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer received a $1.1 million bonus for her first five-and-half months running the Internet company.

The award disclosed Wednesday supplements Mayer’s annual salary of $1 million and $56 million in long-term stock compensations that she received after Yahoo lured her away from Google (GOOG) to become its CEO last July.

That’s a bonus of about $1,270 per hour or a total hourly rate of twice that, not counting the stock.

In three days, she gets paid more than the quite arbitrary annual “poverty leveL” for a family of eight in the United States.

And she’s not even on Wall Street, where bonus babies make the big bucks.

Think about it.


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