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So that Aaron’s place near me, the one that’s closed, was a rent-to-own electronics store.

Looks more like a rent-to-pwn:

At issue is software by Designerware LLC, a Pennsylvania software company that has been forced into bankruptcy. The software was included on laptops and desktops rented from Aaron’s so that the company and its franchisees could recover unreturned computer equipment.

But the lawsuits allege the software was turned on to spy on paying customers — regardless of their rental status — and that more than 180,000 pieces of ill-gotten customer information are being stored on Aaron’s computers.

The captured information, according to the suits, include passwords to emails, social media websites and financial institutions; medical records; and Social Security numbers. They also claim pictures of children, partially clothed individuals and couples in intimate moments were also taken.

The suits seek to get Aaron’s to pay for any adjustments consumers have to pay for repairing credit problems brought on by the alleged activities — including new credit and bank cards — and monetary and punitive damages and attorneys fees. No specific settlement target has been set.

The suits also maintain that customers were never told about the software.

Corporate says that their hands are clean, they had nothing to do with this, it was those dastardly independent franchises, they weren’t even there, they were somewhere entirely other, “look over there.”


If you or someone you know is an Aaron’s customer, do follow the link.


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