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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

Dan Simpson explores the impetus behind the Republican gut out the vote efforts under the camouflage of states’ rights* to establish voting requirements.

He finds it in a desire to roll back the clock to 1859 or so:

It (efforts to restrict the franchise–ed.) tends instead to be found in small pockets of the country, sheltering a minority view. It tends to be found especially among rich, white men, people who hold a disproportionate amount of the economic and political power in America. The results of the last elections and demographic data indicate, however, that the country will take another direction.


Rich, white males aren’t stupid, and thus they are taking dead aim at cutting down the number of minorities who can vote and making life in general more difficult for women. They are doing so by taking advantage of the small, dark corners of this country they still control.


*Remember, when someone says

. . . because states’ rights, that’s why!


states’ rights to do what, exactly?

You won’t get a straight answer. You’ll get legalistic-sounding platitudes, but you won’t get a straight answer.


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