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Sequestrian Dressage, Aeroplane Dances Dept. 0

The bread is long gone, as Dick Destiny points out.

Now, no more circus.

The annual air show at Oceana Naval Air Station has been canceled as a result of federal budget cuts, the Navy announced today.

The cancellation this afternoon came less than an hour after Naval Air Forces announced that the Navy’s famed Blue Angels aerial demonstration squadron would not fly the rest of its 2013 schedule, a result of across-the-board cuts demanded by sequestration.

I went to an airshow once, in Willow Grove, Pa.

It was a lot of fun, especially touring the planes that were on display and watching the C-130s reverse and parallel park (this ability is so they can land and take off from short runways with no room to turn around).

Nevertheless, it was ultimately little more than PR for the flyboys.

Skip to the seven minute mark:


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