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Many Happy Returns 0

The Regent continues his give-back tour.

A political donor’s $15,000 check for catering costs at the June 2011 wedding of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s daughter Cailin has been repaid as the governor moves to unload a series of gifts he and his family received.

The Parable of the File:

Once there was a file on a computer.

The file stopped doing what it was supposed to do.

Instead, it did things it was not supposed to do.

Selfish things.

Stupid things.

The operator determined that the file was corrupt.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not un-corrupt the file. so it was “removed” from the public indexes (or, as some would say, “deleted”).

As happens when a file is “removed,” the file itself remained for a long, long time, but all public references to it were expunged and it was never noticed again . . . .


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