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Ditching the Cooch 0

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms is crossing the partisan divide to endorse Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor, joining a list of more than 30 noteworthy Republicans now supporting his candidacy.

Sessoms is expected to formalize his endorsement today when McAuliffe tours the Virginia Beach Advanced Technology Center along with Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim, a Democrat also supporting McAuliffe.

This is big news in the Commonwealth.

Mayor Sessoms is nominally a Republican, although city elections are officially non-partisan (it is to laugh), but this is a resort town. For all practical matters, “Republican” and “Democrat” don’t matter all that much. What matters is “in the pocket of developers” and “not in the pocket of developers.”

Mayor Sessoms is certainly in the pocket.

His endorsement shows the division in the chart I posted yesterday between the “Corporate Cons” and the “Theocons.” I can’t say that I like his development-at-all-costs orientation, but at least he operates in the real world of trying to get practical things done.

The more our pols operate in the real world, whatever may be their party, the better off we are.


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