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The Voter Fraud Fraud 1

Gutting out the vote in Virginia:

Under the guise of cleaning up the voter rolls, the Virginia Board of Elections, which is comprised of two Republicans and one Democrat, sent a list of approximately 57,000 voters to county election officials in August and directed these officials to cancel their registrations. The board is claiming that all of these voters have registered in other states, and must therefore be removed to prevent them from voting in two states.

Every state periodically cleans their lists to remove duplicate registrations. However, unlike most states, Virginia officials are sending notices to voters stating that their registrations have already been cancelled, with no prior notice, only weeks before the October 14th deadline to register for the November election. If a legitimate Virginia voter’s registration is cancelled by mistake and that voter doesn’t see the notice in time to re-register, they’ll be effectively disenfranchised.

Follow the link. Sign the petition.

It likely will not stop this, but do not sit by quietly. Remember, Republicans do this stuff because they know that cheating is their best strategy.

There is virtue in protesting the detestable.


For all I know, I’m one of the 57,000. I don’t know whether I’m still on Delaware’s or possibly even Pennsylvania’s roles.

I expect the great majority, perhaps almost all, are persons who have moved, registered legally in their new locations, and have no intention of gaming the system.

System-gaming is a Republican thing.


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